What To Remember When Cleaning Up a Disaster


What To Remember When Cleaning Up a Disaster

The biggest thing that people often forget about disaster clean up is that it is not all about emergency response. Yes, having the right firefighting and evacuation equipment on-site as quickly as possible can help keep the disaster from getting worse, but you also need to take into consideration the clean up and recovery phases. Luckily, you can find the right equipment for each stage from the same suppliers.

Emergency Response

There are different types of emergency equipment for east coast use such as clean water transportation, mobile medical stations and mobile command units. Each disaster will need a combination of emergency response equipment from state and federal sources as well as third-party volunteers. For instance, in the case of wildfires, if residents need to evacuate, they will need protective clothing to protect themselves from the heat, smoke, and flying embers. This could include a child respirator as well as adult respirators, goggles, and sturdy boots.

Clean Up

The key factor in the cleanup phase is having the right equipment to clean everything from personnel and residents to keeping their possessions and tools clean and in good working order. You can find mobile bathrooms, mobile showers and even mobile laundry services to help with this phase. You will also need food services and water services to ensure that everyone has something healthy to eat and drink while life gets back to normal.


Recovery from a disaster is not an easy or quick process. Not only do you need to clear debris and make sure that the area is safe for future activity, you will also need to make sure that the residents are safe and secure moving forward. This means that you will probably need mobile sleeping units for displaces residents as well as recovery personnel until homes and other lodgings can be declared safe. It can also be helpful to have insurance professionals on hand to help residents and business owners understand their coverages.

With the right equipment, recovering from a natural or man-made disaster can be easier. This equipment can include everything you need to set up a mobile command center and fully functioning town for displaced residents and recovery personnel.