Why is Leh the Dream of Every Traveler


The everyday hustle bustle of the city life often tends to ruin your peace of mind and increase stress. As much as it is important to cope with the routine and get things done, giving yourself a little break to breath in peace and letting your mind and body rejuvenate is extremely important. If you are someone who loves travelling and are looking for a short escape from the loud city life then Leh is the place for you! Leh of the Himalayas, with its minimal or no connect to the hustle of a city life and with its pleasant and beautiful natural landscapes can prove to be just the kind of break you’ve been wanting! You can even get low airfares on indigo flight ticket booking at different online portals for Leh. So, go get planning for the trip of your lifetime!

Why is Leh the Dream of Every Traveler

Let us give you a quick overview of the adventures and experiences this place has in store for you!

Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake or Pangong Tso of Leh is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the place. The alluring beauty of the lake connecting India to China along with the wide and beautiful landscape makes it for a serene experience visiting Pangong. The lake is said to freeze completely in the winters which is a breathtaking view too if you are well prepared to survive the extreme cold! When in Leh, do not miss stopping by the serene Pangong Lake and experience the splendor for yourself.

Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill is yet another perfect travel destination of Leh that tends to attract a lot of tourists. This mysterious place, as people often call it, is known for giving an illusion of drawing vehicles up the hill like a magnet. Hence, the name! If that’s intriguing to you, then you should certainly visit the place for yourself to experience and enjoy the effect live. Not to mention, all the amazing pictures you can click with this interesting and absolutely appealing background is sure to give major travel goals to others!

Nubra Valley

This is another one of the splendors of nature that Leh holds treasured. Nubra Valley, also called the ‘valley of flowers’, is a beautiful cold desert where the rivers Shyok and Siachen meet forming the huge valley. The entire view of the place is eye-pleasing, calm and serene. Nubra Valley, therefore, is a must visit for all those nature-loving travelers!

Leh Palace

The Royal Leh Palace is obviously a signature attraction of the place that you need to stop by while on your trip. The palace, built back in the 17th century by King Sengge Namgyal, was the residential location of the royals back in the time. The nine-storeyed palace stands overlooking the beautiful town of Leh. After it stayed ruined and abandoned for years after around the 19th century, the palace is now being restored and is open for public. The panoramic eyeshot of elegant landscapes of Leh from the roof of the palace is breathtaking and a must-see! So, make it a point to stop by this architectural icon.

There are also a bunch of interesting things to do at Leh. Whether it is shopping at the local markets for unique traditional handicrafts, or going on jeep safaris, or enjoying a camel safari, or trekking, Leh sure makes it for a perfect adventure for all the travel enthusiasts! If some or these places have always been your ideal travel experiences, then think no more and plan your trip now. Get lowest airfares on indigo flight ticket booking through online user-friendly portals like Yatra and book your holiday. Take that much needed break and make memories for a lifetime!